Swings & Roundabouts


Our name comes from the expression used to encapsulate the eternal balancing act between the various aspects of grape and wine production. What you lose on the swings, you pick up on the roundabouts.

No-one knows where the expression originally came from, but there does seem to be a consistent meaning across the many corners of the world. Think coins falling out of your pockets, then finding a couple of notes in the sand. Maybe it does all work out evenly in the end.

We grow great fruit and make great wine, but it isn't an exact science. There are judgements in the vineyard and art in the winery that ultimately determine the character of what we drink. Our name celebrates the creative and skilled balancing act performed by nature and our winemakers to develop the individuality and quality of what is in the bottle.


Our strong belief is in the northern Margaret River fruit that can deliver "Mediterranean" style wines that are great for drinking...with or without food. The moderating effects of the temperate maritime climate combined with unique soils and wet and cold winters, provide ideal growing conditions for wine grapes that are both elegant and robust.

Margaret River's micro climate is now well recognised as having great advantage for super premium wine crafting... unique soils, warm summers with cooling afternoon sea breezes and wet and cold winters make it grape heaven.

Using skilled winemaking and by carefully selecting fruit, Swings & Roundabouts is able to deliver consistent value for money premium wines. What is in the bottle must exceed expectations every time.
It's classic Margaret River...fresh, creative, friendly and loads of backyard fun!

** For maximum drinking pleasure, we recommend finding a spot on our back veranda or lawn area, sitting back and enjoying our spectacular vineyard views.