Swings & Roundabouts


Our team are well credentialed, serious winemaking & hospitality professionals who have according to writer Ray Jordan won a staggering list of awards. But while stern faced about the wine itself, the rest is pretty relaxed. Margaret River is a cool and casual place to hang out so you'll find the personalities here very friendly and far from intimidating.


We at Swings & Roundabouts are delighted to officially welcome Jodie Barton to our team as Swings Chief Winemaker, Jodie takes the reigns from Brian Fletcher who is retiring after an impressive 52 vintages! During that time Brian has won a staggering amount of trophies and accolades. We thank Brian for his hard work, commitment and eccentric good humour over this past 10 years at Swings.

A bit about Jodie...

After completing a Science degree to pursue a career in medical research. A unit in Microbiology and a practical placement at Lenton Brae Winery in 1994 signalled the point of no return for her, from that point on she made a definitive decision to follow a career in winemaking and completed her Oenology degree in 1996 from the University of Adelaide.

Jodie has since worked at Voyager Estate, Xanadu Wines, for vigneron Franklin Tate and for a number of smaller producers and most recently as head winemaker at Aravina Estate. Jodie has an impressive 22 vintages spent here in Margaret River! Jodie has a passion for showcasing the quality of fruit produced in Margaret River and her winemaking philosophy is that a “winemaker should strive to exceed expectation”

We wish her the very best of luck with the roll out of the Yallingup vineyard expansion plan and her new tenure at Swings!


Swings and Roundabouts Managing Director and owner. Originally from the UK, Andy has lived in Perth for 10 years. He is a recognised name in the business world and has a background in the highly competitive automotive sector.

Andy has built an extensive property portfolio in the UK and Australia. Along with Swings and Roundabouts winery, which includes the Swings Taphouse and Kitchen in Margaret River, Andy owns the vineyard estate on Caves Road in Yallingup where the Swings Cellar Door is located and the Margaret River tap house. Another recent addition to his property portfolio is an exclusive beach side holiday retreat, The 5 star Aqua Resort Busselton- also located in the Margaret River region. Andy also owns the management company at Aqua and is MD

People are the core of Andy’s business and he is always taking extra steps to make sure staff are a priority in his companies. His passion for philanthropy and helping those in need has seen his business contribute towards various community and charity groups giving hope to those less fortunate.